Gummy Bear Frosé

I know what everyone is thinking, 2020 sucks, no cool bars, no New York rooftops, NO FUN! Think again! Make 2020 yours and make these Frosés and get out in the pool or patio and pound these pink majesties in the hot summer sun! After a few of these, you’ll be singing!

Equipment: Blender, cube-shaped ice molds, straws, plastic wine glasses

Serves: 4 – 6

Estimated Prep Time: Overnight + 15 minutes 



  1. Place the cranberry juice in ice molds and freeze overnight 
  2. Place all ingredients (except for gummy bears) in the blender and purée until smooth 
  3. Serve in stemmed wine glasses, garnish with gummy bears and a straw 
  4. Enjoy!

Published by Pancho's Creations

Welcome to Pancho’s Creations! My name is Francis or Pancho. In Mexico, it is customary to have a pre-determined nickname for all regular names. In other words, Francis = Pancho, Panchis or Panchito. I decided on Pancho. I was born in Mexico City, raised in Miami, and trained as a chef at the Escoffier School of Culinary Arts from Boulder, Colorado as well as in Hotel Management at Les Roches, Switzerland. In addition to Miami and Mexico City, I've lived and worked in Denver, Napa, Geneva, Turks & Caicos, Dubai, Connecticut, and New York City. Working my way up from line to cook to General Manager, I've worked from Fine Dining to Rooftop Bars. Earlier this year, I decided to create a blog and share what I have learned from working in some of the most interesting places on earth. I hope you’ll enjoy the eclectic mix of recipes and tutorials shared on the blog.

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